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Q: How can I contact your web site crew?

A: The best way is to use our Feedback Page. If you have specific questions regarding the content and need assistance from our side as soon as possible, e-mail our Director of Content, Ari Sclar.

Q: How do I find all the athletes who played in the NFL, NHL, or NBA?

A: If you search under NFL or NBA in the search function, you will get all the people who were involved in either league, including coaches, owners, or officials. If you only want a list of the players, then you must type in NFL player, NBA player, or NHL player.

Q: How do I search for athletes from my hometown?

A: If, for instance, you are from Minneapolis and want to find all the athletes from there, type in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you just type in Minneapolis or Minnesota, the search will find all the athletes that have been associated with teams in either location, for instance the Minneapolis Lakers or Minnesota Twins.

Q: How do I search the site for athletes based on a specific decade?

A: If you want to know all the athletes who were active a certain decade, for instance the seventies, then type in 1970s (not 1970's).

Q: When I search under 'Hall of Fame' hundreds of entries are found. How can I search based on a specific Hall of Fame?

A: If any athlete has been inducted into a Hall of Fame, from the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame to the Basketball Hall of Fame to the Harvard Athletic Hall of Fame, then their entry will be found in the search under 'Hall of Fame.' If you want to see, for instance, the inductees to the Pro Football Hall of Fame or New York Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, then you have to search specifically for them. Some of the prominent Halls of Fame you may want to search:

Basketball Hall of Fame
Pro Football Hall of Fame
College Football Hall of Fame
International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
New York Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

Q: Why is it that when I press the Back button, sometimes nothing happens?

A: Our web site is built using frames. And sometimes, it will take you one or two extra clicks to get to the previous entry. The button does work and it is either loading a different graphic for the left frame or includes alphabet for the top frame.
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