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Harold U. Ribalow and Meir Z. Ribalow
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Jews In American Sports

most fearsome display of power ever revealed on a football gridiron, humiliated and swamped the Redskins in a 73-0 game. This was the highest score ever marked up in professional football competition, the most one-sided game in the history of the sport. And it was supposed to be a championship game between the two finest teams in the land! When it was all over the Chicago Bears were hailed as the greatest football team of all time and Luckman was considered the greatest strategist in the game. The crowd was stunned as they watched the Bears go to work. Within fifty-six seconds the Bears had their first tally, as Bill Osmanski smashed sixty-eight yards for a touchdown. Later, the Bears counted in fifty-four seconds. The Redskins were overwhelmed and the crowd derided them and mocked them. This was a perfect team pounding away at the Redskins. It was football at its best. The Bears scored three times in the first period; once in the second; four times in the third; three in the final quarter. Sid Luckman ran the team, but after the Bears held a commanding margin at the end of the first half, he retired for the rest of the day. The New York Times said of Luckman that "no field general ever called plays more artistically or engineered a touchdown parade in more letter-perfect fashion." And George Halas, coach of the Bears, named Luckman immediately, when asked to list the top star of the "contest."

Arthur Daley of the New York Times seven years later wrote that in more than twenty-nine years of football reporting this was the "greatest, the best and the most thrilling game I have ever seen."

Here is how the Bears ran wild. After Osmanski ran sixty-eight yards for the first score, Luckman drove the