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Harold U. Ribalow and Meir Z. Ribalow
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The Great Jewish Chess Champions

Most of the sources used and quoted appear within the pages of this book and it would be repetitious to name them again, except that some have been of special meaning and importance. Various credits are strewn throughout this work, but we would like to offer our special thanks to the following: Bobby Fischer vs. the Rest of the World by Brad Darrach; Emanuel Lasker by Dr. J. Hannak; The Adventure of Chess by Edward Lasker, a helpful and lively contribution to the literature; Common Sense in Chess by Emanuel Lasker; How to Play Chess by Emanuel Lasker; Encyclopedia of Jews in Sports by Bernard Postal, Jesse Silver and Roy Silver, an absolutely invaluable book for all sports fans; as well as Great Moments in Chess by Fred Reinfeld; The Complete Chessplayer by Fred Reinfeld; Masters of the Chessboard by Richard Reti; The Chess Reader by Jerome Salzmann; and Chess to Enjoy by Andy Soltis, a book as informative as it is charming. In addition reference volumes such as Current Biography and scores of annotated chess books helped us write about Lasker, Reshevsky and Fischer, as did librarians at the 42nd Street New York Public Library, the Donnell Branch and the Firestone Library at Princeton University.

We would also like to thank Jacob Steinberg for helping make the book possible, and Ivy Fischer Stone for being an exemplary agent.