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Mouyal, Armand


Country Represented:

Years Competed:
1952, 1956, 1960

Medals Received:

Olympic Info:
One of France's greatest fencers in Olympic history, Mouyal appeared in three Olympiads. At the 1952 Helsinki Games, he was eliminated in the first round of the individual event while the French team reached the second round (they defeated Egypt in the first round).

Four years later, Mouyal returned to the Olympics at the 1956 Melbourne Games and helped lead France to the bronze medal in the team epee competition; it was his only medal in his Olympic career. He also competed in the individual event and advanced to the semifinals after winning five of six matches in his second round pool. In his semifinal pool, Mouyal was eliminated after finishing in sixth place (the top four finishers in the pool advanced to the final).

Mouyal's final Olympic competition took place at the 1960 Rome Games, when the French epee team was eliminated from the competition in the second round by Switzerland. Armand reached the final of the individual competition having won his first round pool and surviving a fence-off (elimination match) in the second round before making it through the quarterfinals and semifinals. In the final round, Mouyal won three matches (as did two other fencers) but finished in seventh place because he allowed his opponents more hits. One of his teammates in 1956 and 1960 was Yves Dreyfus.

Career Highlights:
A French police officer, Mouyal began fencing in the early 1950s, and was as skilled with the foil as with the epee (he chose to compete internationally in the latter). A member of the French epee team that won the gold medal at the 1951 World Championships, Mouyal was ranked No.5 in the world in 1955 and No. 8 in 1956. In 1957, he reached the zenith of his career, winning the gold medal in the individual epee at the World Championships. He was the French epee champion in 1952-1954, 1957, and 1959. After retiring from competition, Mouyal remained active in fencing and was a member of the French selection committee until 1973. He is a member of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. Oct. 16, 1925 - d. July 15, 1988

Paris, France

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