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Krautblatt, Herb

Herbert Krautblatt

A member of the Rider University Athletics Hall of Fame and the only player in school history to play professional basketball, Krautblatt played ten games in the NBA with the Baltimore Bullets during the 1948-49 season. Former Rider coach Tom Leyden compared Krautblatt to the great Bill Bradley and said, "Herbert was a graceful, left-handed shooter who possessed great leaping ability."

Birth and Death Dates:
b. Nov. 19, 1926

Career Highlights:
A 6'1" guard/forward at Rider University in the mid-1940s, Krautblatt was one of the school's greatest players. After setting a school record in 1945 with 367 points, he was an All-America in 1948, leading the team to a 15-6 record, their highest victory total in 17 years. Rider did not have a losing season during Krautblatt's college career. After graduating, Herb was selected by the Baltimore Bullets of the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and appeared in 10 games during the 1948-49 season; the Bullets had a record of 29-31 that year.

In 1948-49, Krautblatt also played in the American Basketball League with the Trenton Tigers. The ABL had been the top pro league in the East before the formation of the BAA in 1946 (the BAA became the NBA in 1949). The ABL continued to exist until 1953, but was not considered the powerhouse it had been in the years before the NBA. Still, the NBA's conquest of professional basketball was far from complete when Krautblatt played for Trenton and the ABL still attracted many good players.

Krautblatt played in 33 games for Trenton in 1948-49, averaging 12.3 points per game (second on the team), and the Tigers finished third with a 25-16 record; they lost in the first round of the playoffs to Wilkes-Barre. The following year, Krautblatt was the team' s second leading scorer on the Hartford Hurricanes (13.0). The Hurricanes were not as successful a squad as Trenton and finished out of the playoffs with an 11-26 record.


Career Dates:
Krautblatt played guard at Rider University from 1945-1948, and in the NBA with the Baltimore Bullets in 1948-49. He also played in the ABL with the Trenton Tigers in 1948-49, and for the Hartford Hurricanes in 1949-50.

Physical description:
6'1", 190 pounds

Career Statistics:
In the NBA:
Games: 10
Points: 13
Points Per Game: 1.3

Field Goals Made: 4
Field Goals Attempted: 18
Field Goal Percentage: .222

Free Throws Made: 5
Free Throws Attempted: 11
Free Throw Percentage: .455

Rebounds: na
Rebounds Per Game: na
Assists: 4
Assists Per Game: 0.4
Steals: na
Blocks: na

Personal Fouls: 14
Disqualifications: na
Turnovers: na

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