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McCoy, Al

Alexander Rudolph

A member of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, McCoy was the world middleweight champion from 1914-17 and was the first left-hander to ever win a world title. He is also a member of the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. October 23, 1894 - d. October 22, 1966

Career Highlights:
In the early to mid-1910s, the middleweight division was full of top fighters, including McCoy. Born Alexander Rudolph, he changed his name to McCoy to conceal his career from his parents when he turned professional at the age of 14 (the third youngest pro debut in history). After losing only once in his first 98 fights (in five years), McCoy had moved up to middleweight and was a contender by 1914. In February, McCoy fought contender Joe Chip and fractured Chip's chest bone during their no decision bout. A rematch was scheduled for April, but because Chip was injured his manager Jimmie Dime, sent Joe's brother George Chip as a replacement. Chip happened to be the world champion and his bout with McCoy would be for the title.

On April 7, at the age of 19, McCoy fought for the world title and registered an enormous upset when he knocked Chip out less than two minutes into the first round! The young world champion did not defend his title until 1917, but he fought Chip twice more with both bouts ending in no decisions. During his reign as champ, McCoy also fought Hall of Famers Jack Dillon and Harry Greb in no decision bouts. He finally defended his title against Mike O'Dowd on November 14 and was knocked out in the sixth-round. McCoy never received another title shot, although he had rematches with Greb (no decision), Dillon (no decision), O'Dowd (lost on third-round knockout), and Joe Chip (lost on six-round knockout). McCoy retired in 1920, having won 99 of 139 career decisions.

Rosenhayn, New Jersey

Physical description:
5'8", 140-160 pounds

Career Statistics:
Professional record:
Wins: 99 (26 by knockout)
Losses: 40
No decisions: 18

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